Creation zen


Creationzen threads a path of an ambitious critique mind who has never stopped thinking how things could be done in a better way! I started this blog when i was in my final year pursuing my degree course in Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore, India where graphic designers were no more talking about illustrations but web designing, where designers feared their market value would be questioned since the giant leap in internet navigation was the latest “skill to have”. Creationzen now is like my brand, as it reflects a bit my perception about design. Graphic design does not limit someone to be behind a screen to produce any advert or logo as such. My persistence in wanting to write, to illustrate in quest of finding my style are depicted in a mix of both critical thinking and applying my fine arts background. I like to create with my hands not necessarily with clay but the art of paper folding itself, the understanding of how paper, a material behaves when you use different inks, the effect of the watercolour, the results of engraving on metal sheets..all in one, adapting all these skills, i use creationzen as a figure of speech for what I deliver. I love interacting with people, discovering what attracts them in the world of arts, observe the tiny details which make them unique. I learn from these small details but above all, my main strength is being a good listener and working as close as possible to reassure I deliver what is expected from my works. I challenge what we call, the usual.

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