Mission Verte

Mission Verte is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote a cleaner environment and eco-conscience particularly when it comes to waste management. Redhouse Y&R as an advertising agency was approached to design their communication strategy along with Animacode for the animation part. One of their objectives is to educate the population via an educational presentation. In an effort to be more productive and to reach a larger number of people they wanted to have a formal presentation which could be adapted to different audiences without the content being modified by presenters. In response to this we designed an interactive presentation with different levels. Each level is adapted to a specific audience, kids, youngsters, social centres and businesses. Each level only contains the chapters concerned with the target audience and presenters choose the level according to the audience. While the content remains scientific, the information is delivered in a dynamic manner either within interactive animations, documentaries or musical slide shows. To close chapters on a memorable piece of information, a cartoon character was created, “Ben” the ebony tree has the last word on important issues. The Art Director with her creative eye, won the agency the best eco award even featured in the Ads of the world for the can recycled invites where the team worked on inscribing and polishing the invites manually.

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