Deramann Group


Deramann Group is a conglomerate of sectors like retail, distribution, real estate, manufacturing who have been supporting our economic system for almost 10 years now. Their mission statement is to offer the Mauritian population good products at competitive prices especially targeting the majority of the middle class population which encounters 60% of the population. Redhouse advertising offers a mentorship in the field of advising clients in the best way and hence we would always work together to produce good results along with the client needs. All the works are to be found on

The brief:

Develop an identity under the same sector. When the consumer or any investor look at the logo, they should be able to reconcile the other sub sectors within the same logo. It has to be modern and yet corporate.


A re-branding strategy on many front levels was required. For instance a new logo was deployed. After selecting a few options of the logos we designed, the final logo comprised of  the four sectors supporting the D.

A colour is assigned to each sector, which in turn is applied to each sector’s identity elements, with a tag line or rather slogan  “Things for life, everyday”.


stationery deployment




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