Curriculum Vitae

The value that I bring to helping you understand your brand is firstly that I am an external source. Very often being immersed in your brand every day means that you might not be able to identify gradual changes. As a researcher and strategist, a variety of research methodologies can be designed for your business and brand. Once information and feedback is collected our experience in qualitative and quantitive analysis means that identifying the key points, will inform the development of the brand.

Awarded an Indo Mauritian Scholarship to pursue my studies in India, I threaded along my studies, internships and work experience in advertising agencies and NGO’s. With a distinction in Graphic design from Bangalore University, I joined Redhouse Y&R Mauritius as a junior graphic designer. With four years of work experience in a reputed Mauritian advertising agency, Redhouse McCann, I proved to be a key asset to the team and together we worked on outstanding award winning campaigns. I added an additional skill working with Animacode Ltd, the top notch Mauritian digital company in conceptualising and developing creative assets for interactive channels of communication.

As a highly motivated, curious and enthusiastic person about all forms of communication, I started to question the effectiveness of having only a design qualification. What about a ‘total communication package’, rather than simply designing advertisements in specific media? The quest for delivering valuable and strategic skill set in the public and private sector, secured me a seat at the 3rd top ranked University of London, Goldsmiths in MA Brands, Communication and Culture.

In exploring some wider contexts of brands under the supervision of internationally renowned academics (REF 2015), I was highly complemented in researching Mauritius ethos and cultural value in brands as my dissertation topic.  A Masters in Brands, Communication and Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London is an enriching experience. Firstly through a very rigid and intense academic focus, lecturers are always questioning, debating about topics we will be covering throughout the course. The presentations, the plethora of techniques used to teach this course, have undoubtedly instigated a determination in me to pursue this specific field as a career path.

topics in the study of contemporary culture relevant to brands, branding and brand development, from both critical and practical perspectives. The themes covered in this module include issues such as politics and ethics, including issues of transparency, social responsibility, and brand engagement; forms of communication including technological developments in media and mediation; collaboration, classification and brand ‘communities’.

With a zeal to put into practice both my academic and work experience together, I am now part of a dynamic team, Capgraph as brand strategist.