After completion of the research analysis for MEP with the staffs, the challenge was to derive a brand strategy.

– Questionnaires
The interview and questions helped to discover what perceptions exist of MEP now. These questionnaires were sent internally. The completed questionnaires were analysed, both qualitatively and quantitively, to identify the most important and relevant findings from the given responses.

– Workshops
Leading group workshops in which we discussed various elements of your brand, such as current culture, behaviours, experiences, services, products, etc. These workshops might be with any level of staff, customers, suppliers, and will often feature discussions of the findings of other research (such as questionnaires) and are an important way through which we develop a better understanding of where your brand is now.

– Touchpoints analysis
Analysed key elements of the brand ( mapping exercise) with which MEP sales team will come into contact via your business messaging, so informing their view of the brand. We review how the brand is currently communicated through design, written content, messaging, pr and marketing strategies, social media, etc.

Our next phase is a market audit and competitor audit
We are currently reviewing MEP’S market and audience to check that your communication efforts are being aimed in the right place. The audience isn’t static and may well have developed since you had last considered them. If you’re not trying to reach the right people then you might well be wasting time, resources and money.

  • For employees to share their key skills and strengthen the team
  • Drive the team with tools to empower their sales and immediately spread the passion and professionalism with the consumers. Trust!
  • Allow them to communicate efficiently with the team and consumers

Think consistency not conformity!

From my analysis, each employee has determined how they can deliver the brand promise in a way that’s authentic through examples that ignite them and makes them exceptional.

MEP strategy is briefly explained with respect to the client’s contract under Capgraph Ltd. The following proposal was made to the client with options ranging from short term goals to long term goals. It was essential for the client and the team to share the same vision or scope of work. At the end of the day, MEP will stand out through the factors mentioned below;

  • An excellent service to assist its consumers
  • Quality and visibility of the products will be known through the experiences and one to one connect (in this field of work, construction in Mauritius is quite a delicate and competitive field)
  • User experience is essential especially the product is still young on the market
  • CSR initiatives